Introducing Google Glass for Salespeople
Part 1: Taste the Future of Sales

Selling has never been harder. Each day new products and competitors come into the market, catalogues are becoming bigger than Wikipedia and changing at an impressive speed.

Salespeople need to keep pace and increase their efficacy, challenged by internal competition from self-service ecommerce.

Customers manage the same complexity, but, without the proper support in making the best buying decisions, they can also 'decide not to decide', postponing purchases indefinitely.

We have a solution: today we preview the Google Glass App for Salespeople.

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Our mission at Optimist AI is to make easy and powerful apps to increase our customers' success. We have already developed apps that support salespeople through intelligent sales algorithms.

We believe that Google Glass app for salespeople goes a step further.

Google Glass apps are easy by design

  • Google Glass can only show a small amount of information.
  • The interaction, though extendable via voice commands, is limited to tapping and scrolling
  • These constraints force designers to drop unnecessary features and focus on simple and easy interfaces.
  • Most sales forces are made up of different age groups with differing technological skills - an easy app means higher adoption, less training and increased usage rates.

We will go into more detail in a separate blog post on User Interface and User Experience design.

Product recommendations as shown by Glass App for Salespeople

Big Data at a glance

  • We define the power of an app by the impact it has on our customers’ business. This is where our intelligent sales algorithms come into play.
  • Big Data algorithms work seamlessly in the background and discover new products the customer is most likely to purchase. They also find out which products have reached re-order point and how many of each item the customer should purchase.
  • Huge quantities of data are filtered by algorithms, so that only the most promising opportunities make their way to the Glass App. This enables quick decisions and effective actions.
  • Salespeople get new and relevant sales opportunities when they are most needed.

We will have a future post on the Big Data algorithms powering the Glass App.

Putting salespeople back at the center of the action

Google Glass means putting salespeople back at the center of the action.

Salespeople can focus on their strengths, such as building a relationship with the customer, having a better understanding of their needs, and seizing opportunities. While an intelligent assistant, which is always there without being in the way, does the heavy lifting in terms of customer data analysis.

This is the future of sales. And it’s only a few months away.

What's next?

  • The Glass App for Salespeople will be available later this year, soon after the Google Glass commercial release. To receive the latest updates:
  • Follow us on twitter
  • Our sales app for browsers, mobiles and tablets is already available. If you would like more details or a live demo, send us an email at or fill out the contact form here.
  • This is the first post of a 3-part series “Introducing Google Glass for salespeople”
    • Part 1: Taste the Future of Sales
    • Part 2: Intelligent Sales Algorithms will be published on May 23rd, 2013
    • Part 3: User Interface and User Experience will be published on May 30th, 2013
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